Farm Advice & Consultancy

Oli Lee

Farm Advice & Consultancy

We have many years of combined experience in advising and supporting farm businesses and land owners. We provide consultancy support in farm and estate management particularly in relation to farm and land capital investments, business restructuring, rural diversification, beef and sheep business planning and farming joint ventures. Work is undertaken on a strictly confidential basis and can range from a one-off meeting to ongoing client support.

Farm and Estate Management

Consultancy work is undertaken for current or prospective owners of land and farm businesses.  One off scoping work is undertaken to assist proprietors in identifying optimum ways of managing and investing in land and businesses in order to meet their own personal objectives.  As active farmers ourselves, we understand the day-to-day challenges in running farm and rural businesses.

Farm Restructuring and Diversification

The need for a strategic plan for a farm business and land management is especially important with the transition in England away from area based support payments.  Robust structures will be necessary for farm businesses to replace the income that will be lost from the removal of support payments.  Increasing specialisation, diversifying into new business areas or changing the size of the core farming operations (larger or smaller) are options that many businesses are currently examining.  We can work through the options available to better position your business for these future challenges.

Joint Ventures

We have a lot of experience in supporting businesses in managing successful joint ventures with third parties.  In their most common form such ventures are present as contract farming relationships.  More novel ventures will be needed in the future to encompass shared responsibility and mutually beneficial management of environmental schemes and soil carbon management.  We envisage more working together between arable and livestock producers across shared land areas.

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