Our produce

Exquisite pasture fed beef and lamb

Our produce

We produce exquisite pasture fed beef and lamb available in convenient optional pack sizes.  Our cattle and sheep are hand selected by us to ensure that the best possible products are offered to our customers.  Everything that we produce is handled with the care and consideration that you would expect from an artisan product.  Animals selected for slaughter travel a short distance to our local abattoir before carcases are returned to our modern on-farm butchery for maturation and processing.  We maintain impeccable hygiene and welfare standards from the livestock rearing through to the butchering of products.

We believe passionately that the grass and pasture diets of our livestock makes our meat special.  Allowing the animals to thrive on diets more natural to them helps to enhance the meat quality and provides a more nutrient dense product that in turn is good for your health.

All of our meat is dry-aged, carefully butchered, and packaged in our butchery preparation area here on the farm.  This is performed in small batches which helps us to maintain very high product standards and offer truly artisan products.  Orders are usually delivered chilled to your door by courier (or hand delivered locally) using the latest insulated, environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging.

We will occasionally supply orders freshly frozen if they fall during a week when a product is unavailable to be supplied chilled.  This ensures that our meat products are preserved in their very best condition and enables us to offer products every day regardless of whether we have a small batch ready.  We will always state on the product shop pages if the product will be supplied frozen.

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